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1 Million Cups - The Kitchen Sink - 4/18/17

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1 Million Cups - The Kitchen Sink - 4/18/17 Video: 1 Million Cups - The Kitchen Sink - 4/18/17
1 Million Cups - The Kitchen Sink - 4/18/17 Tue, 18 Apr 2017 20:26:02 +0000 1 Million Cups - The Kitchen Sink - 4/18/17 1 Million Cups - The Kitchen Sink - 4/18/17 KOLR [?] >> kelly: welcome back. i'm excited to be talking to our next guest, who is in the 1 million cups spotlight this week. this is cheryl weston, founder of kitchen sink acting workshop. cayla bankson, a student there, and mindy bankson, cayla's mom. did i say it right? >> guest: yes. >> kelly: and her mom here. nice to see all of you! >> guest: thank you for having us. >> kelly: cheryl, i want to know your background and why you started this company. >> guest: i majored in speech and theater education at missouri state university. for the past 21 years, i have been the drama director at grace way baptist church in springfield. we're constantly doing productions there. it's always been my passion to especially work with teen-agers and try to pull out their talents they have that they can use to further on possible future careers and glorify god. and so i was working full-time at mercy hospital. >> kelly: doing? >> working as a receptionist in a clinic. so i've been doing that for years to carry the insurance for the family. had responsibilities. and so about a year ago, my dad passed away. and he was an inspiration to me. he always taught us to follow our dreams. so i realized, you know what, i'm going to do it >> kelly: good for you! >> guest: last august, i quit my job at mercy and started the kitchen sink acting workshop full-time. >> kelly: good for you! and this is your passion. >> guest: yes, it is. >> kelly: and we talked about springfield little theatre. >> guest: yes, when i was cayla's age, i was at springfield little theater, and majoring at m.s.u. i have a solid background there. >> kelly: cayla, let's talk about what you get out of these workshops. because you just started this last august. this is brand-new. >>correct. >> kelly: tell us what you learned. >> oh, gosh, i've learned a lot of different stuff that i really just didn't think you could learn when it comes to acting. one of the things that mostly stand out that we learned last semester, was when we learned about animal behaviors. and how, you know, you can look at an animal, and just take away how they act and stuff. and put it into the character that you're playing. >> kelly: very interesting, kind of mimic some of the stuff that they do. and know you've done this a long time. you've been with springfield little theatre as well. i want to talk to your mom mindy. mindy, what are changes you've seen in cayla in the process? >> guest: i've seen her grow in her confidence and just really not caring what people think, but it's about embracing the character and just giving it your all. and just being okay with that. >> kelly: and you're very supportive of this? >> very much so. >> kelly: this wasn't something you're interested in, but she took it up. >> guest: yes. i'm the shy one. [laughter] >> kelly: when you say, not worrying about what people think, elaborate on that, and why you would worry about that in your performance. >> guest: yes, with people just seeing how you are in just real life, it seems like it would be something like totally weird for them to see when you're on stage that, you know, here you are a human being. and the next thing you know, you're a bird. or -- >> kelly: not everybody can do that. and you know -- [laughter] cheryl, the thing is, it's a talent as well to find talent in other people. we were talking that springfield little theatre, a lot of times, the experience is one thing. but to actually find the things that draw out in people what you need to have drawn out. tell us how you do that. >> guest: i'm not sure how i do it. i try to encourage them. i don't know that it's a gift necessarily. i know there's one student that i can think of right now, when she first started coming last august, she was very nervous about being in social situations in front of people, speaking in front of people. and just recently, she told us there was a comic con in branson and she got up in front of the entire, you know, room of people, and it was packed full of people. >> kelly: and it didn't bother her. >> guest: uh-uh. and she got up and started speaking and danced! >> kelly: that's a milestone to feel comfortable in your own skin. you have a performance coming up. it's for acting two. it's called act two class. it's one act plays. cayla plays two characters. one of them is a middle-aged mother. her facial expressions in that, she looks like how i look at my son! [laughter] >> kelly: a middle-aged mother and what else? >> guest: a school mascot. >> kelly: that's probably why you were acting like an animal. >> guest: yes. >> kelly: let's tell people how they can find you. because you want to bring more folks into the group. >> guest: i'm on facebook, kitchen sink acting workshop. on twitter and instagram. and the website is www.kitchensinkactingworkshop. com. you can go on there and find all types of information. exciting news, is that i'm the curriculum that i wrote that i've compiled, i'm going to be publishing soon with 21st century press. >> kelly: wonderful! >> guest: thank you. we're going to make it available to home school co-ops and private schools around the area.

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