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Feed Energy Thu, 13 Jul 2017 12:14:36 +0000 Feed Energy Feed Energy WOI this evening. even waiting for a good day to do yard work, today might be that day in the metro. >> there you go. it is 7:14. just yesterday, jackie, we learned what a jp or was. today we will continue talking about that. we will expand upon that more. this is at the same time. have bob riley here as the ceo and chairman of the board of energy world renowned company. he is here. he is starting to gather all kinds of accolades accolades. we want to tell you about this. thank you for coming back to the show. good to see you. >> you're welcome. thank you. >> you had a chance to talk about the apiary. explain what that is to everybody and how that really translated into what you do. >> it is a great segue. bees hive of bees has 50,000 bees in it. that is a collection of hives would be in apiary.i've always been very interested in how the system works for bees. they are a great example of the polarity of self interest in common good. they have to survive, but they do it for the benefit of the hive. that is what drives the philosophy of that i have about the various things that i work with throughout the society that we live in. whether it be human capital or national capital or some of the other components that make up a society, it's a big system. i think about working together and trying to figure out how to make it all work instead of concentrating on self-interest of a specific small component. >> you have been working hard on working in iowa's water land and keeping everything sustainable. but you want to get back to how the bees work together.>> yes the big system prayed i work a lot with the iowa's water and land legacy to figure out how to get that pass through legislature this year. we passed this law back into thousand 10 where we change the constitution to allow for us to have a trust fund. we need to have our taxes adjusted to make that happen. i have been working on that because i think natural component of the system is one of the most important things for iowa. >> why is this important to you and whitey thing that is so essential for us today? >> part of our economy and reason being in iowa is farmers came by in the 1830 or whenever it wasn't said this is a great place to stay. let's plant crops here. he developed a phenomenal industry here. this is in agriculture. without that, i do not know what we would do. we are losing about five tons of soil per acre port per year in this economy. that is not a good thing for the long-term. as i have grandkids that i want to have in the business are i want to have them stay here in iowa and i want to make sure we have a very stable regenerative society here that really makes sense and does good work. >> you have been working on this for some your being recognized for some of your accomplishments. tell anyone about your most recent one? >> i was in washington to get an award for the nature conservancy.they gave out three awards for people around the nation for the work that they had done in the local area. this is advocacy for conservation and natural resources. the nature conservancy has been a big factor of this iowa water and land legacy to get this going. this is so we can have more practices be put on the ground here in iowa with our farmers and in the cities that we live and work in. i have been working night and day trying to get that past. at the state house and talking to legislatures and other groups and trade groups trying to get everyone together. >> are you make in headway? >> yes, when i was standing on the stage getting the award, i said maybe they should give me this award for results rather than activities so i should be here next year. >>. [laughter] >> there has been a lot of activity and we are awfully close. we have not quite gotten to the point where we have pass this tax adjustment to make that work. >> this award is a big deal. what does it mean to you especially coming from right here in central iowa? >> well, it is maybe i wouldn't call it a culmination because i continue to work in this area and will continue to do so probably until i'm under the sun. but i under the sun. this is a passion of mine and i guess it means that other people see that this is an important thing and they want -- if there's one thing that i am passionate about also, is the concept of leadership. we need to have more people not old guys like me, but young people, and the system to start making these changes and work on them. >> is there any place that young people might get more information about what you're doing? >> absolutely. i am working with the leadership institute and leadership iowa. in some of the other groups like that. you can always get a hold of folks there get a hold of me. i'm trying to figure out how to get more young people involved and maybe get them committed to doing the right thing. want them to be involved and make a change happen because it is hard to make change these days. >> bob, we appreciate you joining us today and we want to congratulate you on this wonderful award. keep

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