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Success Connection By Clip Syndicate Crystal Edwards from the City of Reading Community Development Office talks about the Downtown Reading Main Street Program with Michael Grimm. Dele Olaewe talks about his business ventures in downtown Reading. ...Read More »
Women in Small Business: Getting Started By Clip Syndicate Evelyn sits down with Kristin King from Rockford Bank & Trust to discuss women starting small businesses during National Women's Small Business month. ...Read More »
Energy Report 10/30/14 By Clip Syndicate Lower gas prices not good news for everyone. ...Read More »
Beauty Queens Bring Economic Boost To Tunica Economy By Clip Syndicate Tunica's economy is getting a boost from beauty queens. The Gold Strike Casino Resort is hosting the 2014 Miss Mississippi USA and Miss Mississippi Teen USA pageants this weekend. ...Read More »
Uptown Normal Projects Continue to Boost Local Economy By Clip Syndicate A recent study by Good Jobs First says Normal is helping to revitalize the construction industry. ...Read More »
Direct Energy on choosing your own provider By Clip Syndicate How switching your electric or gas supplier could save you money on your utility bill. ...Read More »
Parade of Planes taxis streets of Palm Springs By Clip Syndicate Nearly 80 planes have taken over the streets of downtown Palm Springs Thursday morning for the 2014 Flying Aviation Expo and the highly anticipated Parade of Planes. ...Read More »
Money Matters: Halloween spending adds up, good for economy By Clip Syndicate Halloween spending averages about $125 per household. Between candy, costumes, decorations and other goodies, Halloween can be scary for your wallet... but scary GOOD for the economy. ...Read More »
Various energy leaders meet for Renewable Reno Roundtable By Clip Syndicate The Tesla deal has sparked a development rush to Reno area and Thursday the region's energy leaders from various sectors are coming together at the renewable reno roundtable to talk about energy growth. ...Read More »
Would You Pay More? By Clip Syndicate Would you pay more money for your meat if you knew where it came from? Researchers at RFD-TV’s land grant partner at Kansas State University are studying that very issue in light of the recent WTO labeling decision. For more on this story, view the clip above. ...Read More »
Content Insider #363 - Coming Home By Miles Weston Things talking to Things (IoT) is okay but Everything talking to Everything (IoE) is going to take a helluva lot of work and a whole lot more faith we do it right. Remember Google, Apple, Yahoo and the rest are going to encrypt the communications so your local hard working government agency can't listen in. That also means you can't either! Maybe Tesla's Musk has it right and we shouldn't mess with it. He wants it closely regulated just in case but it's hard to regulate when you don't know what's going on. Don't worry though we won't have enough bandwidth for everything to talk at once...will we? ...Read More »
INTERVIEW: Terry McInturff on Crude Oil Price Forecast By Clip Syndicate Terry McInturff sat down with FOX34's Jeff Klotzman. They discussed current gas prices as well as the forecast for crude oil prices. ...Read More »
Future use of Pueblo power plant remains unclear By Clip Syndicate Future use of Pueblo power plant remains unclear ...Read More »
Tax.. By Clip Syndicate income impact ...Read More »
Town of Angelica Mobil now selling gas under three-dollars a By Clip Syndicate Gas cheaper than Bonduel and Green Bay. Based on distance from refineries, some of which ramp up production and state fuel taxes. ...Read More »
Xcel Energy Warns Residents About Recent Scams By Clip Syndicate Reports of scams against Xcel Energy customers in Texas and New Mexico picked up again in August and September after falling in the early part of the summer. ...Read More »
Moss Point Encourages Small Business Growth By Clip Syndicate Moss Point is encouraging small business growth in order to revitalize their city. ...Read More »
Money & Energy Savings Tips - Kentucky Utilities 10-29 By Clip Syndicate Money & Energy Savings Tips - Kentucky Utilities ...Read More »
Money & Energy Savings Tips - Kentucky Utilities 10-29 By Clip Syndicate Money & Energy Savings Tips - Kentucky Utilities ...Read More »
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