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Annual rAVe CEDIA Awards By Gary Kayye, CTS Gary Kayye is a big fan of the CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) show, and attends it every year. Here are his picks for the best of the best from this year's exhibition. ...Read More »
Product Activation and the World of Tomorrow By Kevin Schmitt Now that us lowly users have been unwillingly pushed down the slippery slope that is product activation, this particular article is equivalent to the proverbial closing of the barn doors after the horse has escaped. Actually, it's more like picking up the door and leaning it on the charred ruins of the barn after it burned down years ago, what with the horse having run out to flee the fire, but I digress. Since activation refuses to just go away entirely, I still (naively) think that there's a balance that can be struck between legitimate users and software publishers. ...Read More »
LCD or DLP Projection? Decisions, Decisions By Gary Kayye, CTS Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines projector engines, that is. Since 1998, Texas Instruments' DLP division has out-marketed, out-maneuvered, out-published and, according to many sales figures, even out-sold LCD in virtually of the leading projector vertical market segments. I say "virtually" because there are some markets in which DLP hasn't been playing but when it does, it generally wins. ...Read More »
AMD64 - Directly Connecting Your Imagination to Reality By Charlie Boswell Each generation of new technology assaulting the digital content creator typically comes with elaborate promises about how its going to change lives. Sometimes thats actually true -- but not always for the better. Non-linear editing systems brought the number of ?workarounds to new heights ...Read More »
Have you Crossed the Chasm? By Gary Kayye, CTS Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore is probably the single most important book to read as a ProAV system salesperson (or systems designer) today! It is, in my opinion, the blueprint for the customer sales and marketing process of AV technology. When it was published in the early 1990s it was geared toward the computer industry. Its prophecies, however, are now becoming a reality in the ProAV market of today. ...Read More »
Coolness Roundup 2005, Part II By Charlie White By popular demand, we bring you our annual Coolness Roundup, your guide to summer fun and relaxation, where all types of products and services are fair game, and where the name of the game is quality-of-life improvement. Here youll find devices and doodads that will enhance your summer vacation, and add a little fun to your leisure time activities. In part II of this years roundup, we venture even farther afield, tipping you off to the summers finest gadgets, tools, accessories and entertainments, all listed here with the sole purpose of making your life better. ...Read More »
InfoComm -- Good Show Means Great Market By Gary Kayye, CTS InfoComm 2005 was a great show for the ProAV industry and the future of our market. Heres why. ...Read More »
Coolness Roundup 2005, Part I By Charlie White Its that time of year again where you can practically fry an egg on the sidewalk, and that means your Coolness Roundup 2005 is here. This year, we have a special 2-part expanded edition that encompasses not only professional and consumer electronics gear, but any objects that use technology to make your life more enjoyable. Some of these items are prosaic, readily available to everyone, while others are stratospherically priced. Either way, lusting after these techno doodads is a great way to relax and have fun within the steamy confines of the hottest season of the year. ...Read More »
Live From infoComm: Attendance Record Broken By Gary Kayye, CTS ICIA announced another record attendance here at the show this week, with a more than 10 percent increase over last year, totaling 25,821 as of Thursday. Expect the final numbers to be even more impressive. Also, its that time of year again. The year is half way over and its time to review my 2005 predictions. ...Read More »
How Much Time Does Apple Have? By Dave Nagel Set sentimentality aside. Set aside the pride and the unfounded fears and all of the little irrelevancies I've seen people worrying over for the last five days about Apple switching to Intel. Focus, instead, on the big one: Will there be a Mac platform in two years? The answer to that will depend on whether Apple sticks to the plan announced at WWDC. If it does, then by this time in 2007, you will be doing your computing on a Windows box. ...Read More »
infoComm 2005 Coming Up! By Gary Kayye, CTS I can't wait! No, I dread flying into Las Vegas for anything, much less a trade show, but I can't wait to get there for the ProAV industry's annual trek into the world of new presentation tools. But, me, I don't go for the show. What? Forget about the exhibits. Don't plan your infoComm experience backwards. ...Read More »
ProAV Product Alters the Market By Gary Kayye, CTS Every once in a while a product will come along that I feel will change the market dynamics in a major way and will find its way into the Final Sayye column. Not often, but sometimes. Well, todays one of those days. Ive been playing with a new product from Grass Valley this week and I can tell you this is a MAJOR DEAL. You MUST go see this at InfoComm. ProAV has officially entered the server market with a product that will certainly set the bar and one that consultants like Waveguide and Shen are already embracing. ...Read More »
DVD Insider: NAB Buzz Mergers, HD, H.264 By Miles Weston NAB (National Association of Broadcasting) is all about TV, movies and radio technology, applications and profits. But it was profits that hogged the spotlight right from the start this year. DVD Insider sees, hears, tastes, smells and feels all. ...Read More »
AV in Schools By Gary Kayye, CTS Recently, I spoke at a local university's technology show and I was amazed at how much AV technology the campus actually had. It was everywhere. Not only were their large screen displays in virtually all the classrooms, meeting rooms and lecture halls, but there were 25 projectors and plasmas in the cafeteria! We've finally hit the big time! But, there's a catch. ...Read More »
This is not a 2D world By Atom Zeidler This is not a 2D world. Now there is no reason that the world of media has to be either. In recent years, producing a high quality 3D image has become easier and more affordable. Film, commercial and broadcast production houses are using 3D imaging more and more frequently to create more realistic and exciting graphics, both to entertain and to educate. ...Read More »
Adobe to Acquire Macromedia By Stephen Schleicher Yesterday, Adobe announced that it would acquire Macromedia in a stock option trade valued at around $3.4 billion. This subtle announcement may come as a shock to many users of the Macromedia products, and it will have a huge impact in the web development and content creation worlds. ...Read More »
The Digital Transition: A Sports Bar's Worst Nightmare By Gary Kayye, CTS Everybodys heard and read something about HDTV and the worlds transition from our current analog standard TV system to the new digital standard, right? Today most countries in the world use either a system known as NTSC or PAL for broadcast television transmission and display. Both systems are very similar in that they are analog-based and display either 525 or 625 lines of resolution on the screen. Regardless of screen size (from 3" to 300") youre still seeing either 525 lines of video or 625 lines of video. ...Read More »
Beginners Guide to NAB By Ko Maruyama If you're planning to attend the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in a couple of weeks, you've probably already signed up and are beginning to receive emails and notices daily. The emails probably have all kinds of information regarding the various conferences that will be held, some on satellite technology, others on HD delivery specifications. But you probably haven't received any notices from NAB to wear comfortable shoes. ...Read More »
Randy AV By Gary Kayye, CTS Have you ever noticed how many Randys there are in the AV market? Its astonishing. In fact, there are so many that I almost decided NOT to do this column, as I wasnt sure how to write it without offending all the Randys that I will, inevitably, have to leave off simply because of space. ...Read More »
The Cat5 Phenomenon By Gary Kayye, CTS After two years of writing about how signal distribution via Cat5 cable is on the horizon, its now almost mainstream. In fact, if you havent designed, built and installed a Cat5-based classroom or meeting room by now, youre in the minority. ...Read More »
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